How to Contact OCBC Bank

Unlike contacting a family member or old-friend, in terms of contacting a bank, there must be a reason underlying.

Let it be a problem in your credit card, having your ATM card lost, or maybe asking for some information, contacting a bank is something you need to set these done.

If you are an account owner of OCBC, do you know how to contact OCBC bank? Find out below the options to contact the bank.

Various Ways to Contact OCBC Bank

If you wonder how to contact OCBC bank, you may have expected that the answers will be giving out the contact center.

But no, they offer more varied ways to contact the bank, easing you to contact them either from your house in Singapore or from overseas hotel.

To be said brief, you can contact the bank using these methods:

  1. Directly contacting the hotlines,
  2. Directly visiting the bank branches, or
  3. Sending a snail mail to the bank.

If you are in dire situation, for example, having your wallet containing your credit card and/or debit card stolen, then directly contacting the hotlines is the best method to pick from.

Not only it will give you a quick solution unlike the two other methods, but also a 24-hour service.

Direct Visit to the Bank Branch

Paying a visit to a bank branch is also a great idea if the hotlines cannot even fix your problem. Find out the nearest OCBC bank branch from all 39 branches available in Singapore.

Upon your visit, the customer service officer will be ready to help to fix any of your problems.

However, you need to remember that direct visit to a bank branch should be done within the working days and hour.

Unlike the 24-hour hotline service, you cannot always rely on branch-visit in order to deal with urgent deals.

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Calling the Hotlines

Urgent problems with your banking account should be able to deal with the help of hotline service. If you decide to call OCBC hotlines, you can call one of these numbers, depending on your situation.

Personal banking

  • 24-hour local hotline : call 6363 3333
  • Overseas hotline : +65 6363 3333 (the number is same, but make sure you add +65 before the number).

Premier banking

  • Local premier hotline : 1800 773 6437
  • Overseas hotline : +65 6530 5930

Writing a Snail Mail

Despite its slow response, you can rely on snail mail if you want to send inquiries in the form of documents. You can send your documents to the address mentioned in the OCBC website.

Unfortunately, you cannot send your letter to any of the nearest branches, since the letters should be addressed into one centered address only, which is:


OCBC Centre

65 Chulia Street #-01-00

Singapore 045913

The detail above sums up the procedure of how to contact OCBC bank. To summarize it, there are three ways of contacting OCBC bank.

First, you can call the hotline numbers (choose any which corresponds with your need), directly visiting the bank branch, or sending a snail mail addressed to the aforementioned address.