How to Check UOB Balance Online

If you are having a saving account in a bank, then getting updated with its balance is something common to do. There are various ways to get updated with the balance. Some people may prefer to check in any ATM machines. Some others get the bank statement. Others check it with a more sophisticated way, which is including internet banking service.

UOB Bank account holders, as long as their accounts are registered to internet banking services, can check their balance online easily as well. Be it opening the portal via PC browser or accessing it via mobile banking app, both methods serve easily in order to get you updated with the current balance.

How to Check UOB Balance Online via Internet Banking

However, before checking your balance using any of these procedures of how to check UOB balance online, you have to register your account to be used with internet banking feature.

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Consider applying for internet banking as it features not only account balance checking, but also fund transferring, checking the transaction history, and changing various banking settings. All of it can be done only by placing some clicks or taps.

Listed below is the procedure of how to check UOB balance online.

  1. First, prepare your required login information, such as a valid Username as well as your valid Password.
  2. Visit at
  3. Insert your Username and Password.
  4. Navigate your way to Account Information, then continue by clicking/tapping Account Summary
  5. Once there, you can see your current balance saved on your account.

Seems like the procedure is so easy, right? It really is easy, just like checking for your account balance via the ATM machine.

Check UOB Account Balance Using UOB Mighty App

Check UOB Account Balance Using UOB Mighty App

  1. Download UOB Mighty App on Playstore/App Store/AppGallery
  2. Launch UOB Mighty and click on Mighty Secure.
  3. Click on Set up Mighty Secure.
  4. Select Email and SMS OTP.
  5. Verify your email. Click Yes to confirm that email address is correct.
  6. You will receive an email with the OTP.
  7. Enter OTP code that you have received in your email.
  8. Verify your Mobile Number.
  9. Enter SMS OTP sent to your Mobile Number.
  10. Click on Create Mighty Secure Code.
  11. Set up your personalized 6-digit Mighty Secure code. You will be prompted to re-enter your code for setup confirmation.
  12. Click on Enable now to enable and receive your Mighty Secure notifications.
  13. You have successfully activated your Mighty Secure.
  14. Now log in to UOB Mighty App.
  15. Click on Account Summary for check your UOB balance.

How to Get Bank Statement UOB Online

Aside from checking your balance through the aforementioned procedure, subscribing to e-Statement for a routine update of your account balance is possible. You can subscribe to e-Statement simply for various accounts. This will include subscribing for credit card statement as well.

Internet banking portal will provide the service all you need to do is to do this procedure below.

  1. Log in UOB Internet Banking.
  2. Click on Account Services.
  3. Continue by clicking on Manage e-Statement/e-Advice.How to Check UOB Balance Online
  4.  This will mean you sign up for e-Statement/e-Advice.
  5. Specify how you want to get updated.
  6. Lastly, you can get your e-Statement simply by logging in to your account.How to Check UOB Balance Online Payment

By subscribing to this service, you will be able to track your balance, as well as the list of transaction you have done using you amount. However, although you have subscribed to the e-Statement, you need to remember that you can only retrieve the information on the next billing cycle (not the current one).

Applying to this e-Statement service is available not only for saving account. If you have a UOB credit card, the e-Statement feature will benefit you in tracing your transactions.

Hence, at the end of the billing period, you can see the list of transaction you have made. Lucky you, this subscription is valid for five years!