How to Check DBS/POSB Account Number

Account number is something that all banking service users have. It is something important, not only it is used as someone’s identification; it is also used to do transaction.

For example, sending funds or receiving payment. In general, it is written in your bank book, but people tend to forget this sequence of number.

Well, you don’t have to carry your bank book everywhere. You only need to do this procedure of how to check DBS/POSB account number.

That way, anytime someone ask for your account number, you don’t need to be confused to look for your bank book anymore.

How to Know Your Account Number from Your POSB/DBS Account

It is a bit strange if someone ask for your account number and you admit to not knowing it. Well, we all know that in order to know what our account number is, we should check our bank book since generally we can find out account number there.

But what if you don’t bring your bank book when you need to know your account number the most? The best method to know your bank account is, of course, by getting your bank book, especially if your account has not been linked to internet banking or mobile banking service.

Aside from that, mobile banking and internet banking can be used to know your account number as well.

Check DBS/POSB Account Number Using iBanking

The internet banking service by POSB and DBS make it possible for the user to get information about their account easily. This also includes getting one’s account number as well.

To check your account number by internet banking, you can do this procedure below:

  1. Launch your desktop internet browser and access the POSB/DBS internet banking portal page.
  2. Login by inputting your internet banking user ID and PIN. If you have not applied to internet banking, you can simply apply to POSB/DBS internet banking directly from their internet banking portal.
  3. Find out Deposits section. There you can see some information about your saving account number. However, this is only shown partially.
  4. Click on the Account Number provided there.
  5. Now, log in again with your preferable authentication (OTP) method.
  6. After this procedure, the Full Account Number will be shown on the screen.

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Check DBS/POSB Account Number Using Mobile Banking

  1. Launch POSB digibank or DBS digibank.
  2. Log in using your digibank User ID & PIN.
  3. Click on Deposits sections.
  4. Click on Account Number.
  5. The full account number will be shown to you.

Once you see your account number, it is best to take note of it. Who knows sooner or later you will need it?

Aside from getting it by doing the procedure above, you will know what your account number is as simply as requesting an e-Statement. By doing this, you will get your transaction history within a specified time interval. Also included in it is information about your account as well.

So, that is how to check DBS/POSB account number. If you are in need of providing your account number but your bank book is missing, then it is better if you visit the bank directly to get the book’s replacement.

Usually, the bank will ask you to provide your identification card to proceed with the procedure. Once you got your new printed bank book, you will surely know what your account number is.