How to Change UOB Card PIN

There are various reasons why we want to change our card PIN so bad. But one of the most common reasons is regarding to security. It is true that changing one’s PIN in a routine basis can help to increase the security of our account. Of course, that may not sound good for some people as they need to keep track of their most-recent PIN, yet the reward which is secured account is beneficial as well.

However, despite its easy feature, not all people know what to do regarding how to change UOB card PIN. Find out below how to change your UOB card PIN in case you forget it or just changing it for security purposes.

Reset UOB Card PIN via ATM

For this method, you will need to:

  1. Enter your key to the provided slot first.
  2. Then, proceed to key in your PIN Number (the old one).
  3. Continue by choosing the menu Change ATM PIN.
  4. Input your old PIN and followed by the new one.
  5. Submit the change.

Change UOB Card PIN via Bank Branch

In case you forgot your ATM card PIN totally, then it is best just to go to the nearest UOB branch to see the customer service officer. The team will gladly help you with the process of resetting your card’s PIN.

It is unfortunate that you may have to spare some time and energy to lift yourself and walk your way to the bank. This is simply there is no other method you can do if you completely forget the PIN. Even changing your PIN in the ATM machine, calling the hotlines, or doing it online via internet banking cannot be applied at all.

Update UOB Card PIN via Online Banking

This procedure of how to change your UOB card PIN is available for both debit and credit card. In this case, it is a requirement that you have your Mighty Secure token activated. Then, do this procedure below:

  1. First of all, Log in to your internet banking account simply by accessing the app, then inputting your valid Username and Password.
  2. Activate Accounts menu which can be seen on the lower menu bar.
  3. Continue by choosing the card you need to change the PIN. Simply tap on the related card to change the card’s PIN.
  4. After choosing the relevant card, select Reset Card PIN on the menu provided.
  5. Input 6-digit PIN and reenter it on the lower box provided.
  6. Tap Submit to save the change. Then, you will be prompted to complete the authorization process through your Mighty Secure Token. Otherwise, the PIN change cannot be processed.
  7. After inputting the Authorization Code, your request will soon take effect and you can easily apply the new PIN when required.

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Replace UOB Card PIN via Mobile Banking

  1. Login into UOB Mighty app and tap on Accounts.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Paye
  2. Next, tap on your credit or debit card that you wish to reset your PIN.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Payment Online
  3. Tap on Reset Card PIN to proceed.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Payee Online
  4. Enter the new 6-digit PIN and confirm the new PIN.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Online Payment
  5. You can choose to hide or show the PIN entered Next. click Submit to continue.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Online Payee
  6. Enter the Mighty Secure Code for authentication. For more information on Mighty Secure or to sign up for it.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking Online
  7. Your request is completed and you can start to use your new PIN.How to Change UOB Card PIN Mobile Banking

To conclude, it is important to know beforehand which type of card whose PIN you want to change. Is it an ATM card, or debit/credit card? For ATM card, you can change its PIN via ATM machine or directly visiting the nearest bank to get the officer’s help.

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However, if it is a credit/debit card, you can benefit from the procedure of how to change UOB card PIN mentioned in point #3 above.