How to Change OCBC Access Code

If you are asking how to change OCBC access code, you can find the answer here. The methods are very simple, and you can do it online.

First method is by using mobile banking. It is very convenient, and you should be able to complete the whole process in just few minutes.

The second method is using internet banking. It gives the better access and even quicker way to finish the changing process.

The detailed information will be shown below. It should be helpful for anyone using OCBC baking services. Let’s check the steps.

Change Access Code via Mobile Banking

  1. Open the OCBC mobile banking app on your phone. Log in to your account using the current access code and PIN. If you have set up face ID or fingerprint ID to log in to your mobile banking, use them instead.
  2. On the home display of the app, take a look at the top left menu. There will be this Setting menu. Tap on that option.
  3. A few more options will appear on the screen, tap on the option Online Banking Setting.
  4. There will be several more options to display and you need to tap on the menu Change Access Code.
  5. Type in your new access code. This one has to be different from the current one and make sure it is hard to guess. Then, tap on Submit.
  6. You need to wait for an SMS (short messages) to get sent to your phone (where the registered phone number is activated). The SMS contains OTP or One Time Password to change the access code.
  7. Once the SMS is on the inbox, open it and then key in the OTP.
  8. Now the new access code is ready to be used.

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Change Access Code via Internet Banking

  1. Open OCBC internet banking website ( and then type in your access code and PIN. Then, click on the red Login button.
  2. You are now logged in to your OCBC account. To change the access code, click the option Customer Service. It can be found at the top menu.
  3. Then, several options will appear, select Change Access Code.
  4. You will be asked to enter your new access code. Make sure that the new code is not too easy to guess. If you are certain about the new code now, click Submit.
  5. Now grab your smart phone or any device in which your registered phone number is on. There will be OTP (One Time Password) being sent via messages (SMS) to the number.
  6. Open the message and key in the OTP. Once done, you are now eligible to use your new access code next time you are logging in to your internet banking account.

Now you have seen everything to change the access code. Well, the code should be changed once in a while to make sure your account is safe. Learn how to change OCBC access code properly above.