How to Change DBS ATM PIN

A lot of customers have received messages and emails from the customer service of their banks to renew their debit card PIN, not to mention those who have accounts in DBS bank. According to cyber consultants and bankers, it’s advisable to change your ATM PIN once every three or six months.

Are they too cautious? Maybe not. Many banks, including DBS, have urged their clients to change the security details of their cards in order to prevent a data breach. Wonder how to change DBS ATM PIN? Read on the following discussions.

Tips on Updating DBS Card PIN

When you pick a new PIN for your DBS ATM card, it’s recommended for you to choose a number that means a lot to you but not to anyone you know. If you own private numbers which you can recall easily but cannot be connected easily to other personal information about you, then it’s best to go for it.

As for securing your new PIN, consider using modular arithmetic. For example, your new card PIN is 4632 and then adds 6 to each digit. Then it would be 0298. It’s a relatively simple code, but it works just fine, and the secret key is in your mind.

Reset DBS ATM Card PIN

Changing your DBS card PIN is relatively easy. You can perform it through a DBS mobile app, website, and online form.

DBS Website

  1. Go to the DBS official website and head to the login page. Use your PIN and user ID to log in to your bank account.
  2. Select on Cards option and click Reset Card PIN.
  3. Insert the 6 Digits of your iBanking secure PIN.
  4. Click the card you wish to change the PIN for.
  5. Enter the New PIN for your card and re-enter it to confirm.
  6. Select Submit to complete the update of your ATM card PIN.

DBS Mobile App

  1. Use your iBanking user ID and PIN or Face ID to log in to your mobile banking.
  2. Click More and select Reset Card PIN.
  3. Click the card you wish to change the PIN for.
  4. Input the new PIN for your card and select Change PIN to finish your request.

Online Form

You might wonder about the alternative method on how to change DBS ATM PIN since you don’t have a mobile or internet banking account. You can still reset your PIN by using  an online form

  1. Go to Online Form
  2. Click Use My Card and PIN.
  3. Select the type of your identification and input your Identification Number.
  4. Input the last four digits of your debit card and card PIN.
  5. Select Submit to confirm through SMS OTP.
  6. Select Get OTP via SMS and input the six digits of SMS OTP and select OK. Remember that you will receive SMS OTP through your registered phone number with DBS.
  7. Select the Debit/ATM card you wish to change the PIN for.
  8. Enter the New PIN and re-enter it to confirm.
  9. Select Submit to complete the update of your PIN.

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