How to Change Address in UOB

When you use UOB service, you will have to know how to change address In UOB. This method can be done in several ways, including by using the internet banking as well as mail.

If you are good with technology and you can use the banking online, use the first method.

However, if you are the old fashioned one and prefer to fill a form, it is possible to do that too. The form is downloadable and printable, so you can just use and fill it immediately.

The form will be mailed to the bank, and the bank will process the whole thing. This is the full information about it for you.

Change Address in UOB via Internet Banking

The first method here is by using internet banking. It can be accessed as long as you have internet connection and laptop or PC to access.

  1. Open the Personal Internet Banking of UOB Singapore. The link is
  2. Now click on the login box. Type in your Username and Password. Make sure these ones are entered correctly and then click Login.
  3. Then, select the option My Profile. It is on the top menu of the home page display.
  4. Now, go to the option Personal Details. It is one of the tabs on the top of the profile.
  5. Several more options will appear on the screen and you can click on the tap Change of Address.
  6. Edit your address and make sure you are typing them correctly. Then, select Save.
  7. If needed, an OTP (one time password) will be sent to your mobile phone or to any gadget where the registered phone number of your account is activated. Key in the OTP and then your new address is now officially used to your account.

Change Address in UOB via Mail

If you like to do it the old way, you can use the mail instead. The step by step to download the form and to insert it to the mail will be shown here.

  1. Open the website of UOB Singapore. Then, go to the option Personal. From there, a few more options will appear, click on the option Update Particulars.
  2. You will see the options Change of Mailing Address. Click on that option. Then, a tab will appear, click on the tap that says Mail in form. Now, click on the link attached on that tab.
  3. You will download a form to change your address. The form is in PDF format.
  4. Print the form, fill it up down to every single detail asked on the form.
  5. Then, mail the form to UOB Bank. The address is Robinson Road, P.O Box 1688 Singapore 903338

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Those are the things you have to know about the address change. Make sure you know how to do it properly, so you won’t have to encounter any hardship in using the service once you change the address.

This is the best method of how to change address In UOB with ease as it allows you to do the whole thing quicker and easier.