How to Cash Deposit POSB/DBS

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Depositing your cash via bank’s teller is an old-fashioned way. You can experience a new way of depositing bank notes with the self-service cash deposit machine.

With this machine, you are able to deposit bank notes or even coins, either using ATM card or not.

Does it also work on POSB/DBS account? Hold your breath and find out below how to cash deposit POSB/DBS in this article below.

Depositing Cash in POSB/DBS Cash Deposit Machine

Before getting to know how to deposit POSB/DBS to cash deposit machine, the utmost thing you got to know is the location of cash deposit machine itself.

To know the location where you can find cash and/or coins deposit machine, simply go to this page:

Once you are on that page, adjust the filter by setting the bank option you are using. In addition, you can also set the self-service banking whether it is for searching the ATM with cash deposit, coin deposit, cash withdrawal only, etc.

Shortly after ticking the corresponding filter checkbox, you’ll get the location of self-service banking ATM scattered island-wide.

Zoom in and drag the map into your location – then pick any nearest self-service banking ATM.

How to Put the Cash into the Machine?

Some people may wonder how it can be an ATM gulping your cash and send it off to your account.

Thanks to technology advancement, now various banks have been constantly preparing self-service ATM in many locations nationwide.

To answer question about how to cash deposit POSB/DBS, here is the procedure of what you can do to deposit your cash:

  1. Insert your POSB/DBS ATM/Credit/debit card into the slot. Then, input the valid 6-digit PIN.
  2. Proceed by selecting Cash deposit.
  3. Choose your interface language.
  4. Choose Deposit to Own Account to deposit the cash into your own POSB/DBS saving account.
  5. Choose Deposit to Other Account to send the cash to another party.
  6. If you choose Deposit to Own Account, then the following is what to do next:
    1. Choose the account to whom the cash will be deposited.
    2. Prepare the cash then place it right in the slot. Then, select Continue.
    3. Let the machine count the money first. Confirm deposited cash amount afterwards.
    4. Take back your card and receipt.
  7. If you choose Deposit to Other Account, then, do this procedure:
    1. Choose the type of account, and insert the account number. Make sure to put the account number right.
    2. Similar with point (5b), place the money into the prepared slot. Select Continue.
    3. Finalize your deposit by confirming the total deposit and taking back your card and receipt.

So, that is the procedure of how to cash deposit POSB/DBS. It is easy to put your cash into the self-service ATM; but keep in mind that there are some regulations that you should follow regarding the money.

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First, the accepted notes are S$10, S$50, S$100, and S$1,000 which may go up to 200 pieces per transaction.

Next, you shouldn’t deposit commemorative notes. Lastly, for passbook deposits, you should not pass S$20,000.