How to Cancel OCBC EasiCredit

OCBC, with their EasiCredit offers you a lot of advantages. Having a credit card means you got standby cash whenever and wherever you need it. You sure will love how it treats you well with on-demand cash anytime you want to pay for something whether it is a long-awaited handbag, piles of books, or a new static bike for a lifestyle ‘improvement’.

Recently, you may be willing to stop using EasiCredit for one or more reasons. Check out how to cancel OCBC EasiCredit in this article below.

What is OCBC EasiCredit

EasiCredit is a credit service that offers you easy payment loan with an adjustable limit according to your annual income. Although it may come with annual interest rate, having a credit card simply means you may have a backup anytime you need to deal with something urgent let’s say a medical need which costs you loads of bucks.

Anyone can ­apply for this service and frankly said it is very easy to apply for OCBC EasiCredit. The minimum annual income is set pretty low at S$20,000; and the interest rate isn’t that high either starting with only 1.74% per month and minimum repayment of 3%.

How to Request EasiCredit Cancellation

Although having credit card ready in hand means you should worry less about having no cash ready with you for some people, it means an additional burden. Hence, despite its usefulness, some people decide to cancel/terminate their credit card service.

If you decide to discontinue EasiCredit, there are basically two methods of how to cancel OCBC EasiCredit. You may request for cancellation via phone or via mail.

Via phone

Dialing the call center becomes a method to stop your credit card. If you don’t want to continue having credit backup with EasiCredit, you can call 6363 3333 and directly asking for the cancellation processes.

The officer will help you to proceed with the cancellation. If you are calling from overseas, make sure to add +65 before the number mentioned above. The customer service is ready to serve you anytime you need their help. Calling from overseas: Call +65 6363 3333.

Mail submission

Another method to request for EasiCredit cancellation is by sending the bank your EasiCredit account closure form. This method will work only if you are living in Singapore since you will be required to send the filled form through a postal mail.

To submit your closure form through postal mail, you should do these procedures below:

  • To find can simply, click this link EasiCredit account closure form.How to Cancel OCBC EasiCredit
  • Once you download the form, the next step is to print the file.
  • Fill out all the required information and make sure you sign the form afterwards.
  • Once you have completed all the blanks, mail the form to the address provided in the lower, last page of the form.

After you do these aforementioned methods of how to cancel OCBC EasiCredit, the next thing to do is to wait for another 7 working days (not included the mailing duration) for the form to be processed.

Once your form has been processed, typically you will get notified for the closure. Since then, your EasiCredit account will no longer be available to conduct transaction.