How to Apply UOB Internet Banking

Back then, it may be easier to refuse the offer since we still feel less need to involve internet in our daily lives. But now, it seems like a must.

One of the real facts is that the use of internet banking which are more and more integrated in our daily lives.

Besides it eases us in performing banking transaction, but it also lets us to take control of our account to a certain extent.

If you are a UOB customer, you should have been offered to activate this feature as well.

How to Apply UOB Internet Banking

If you are wondering how to apply UOB internet banking, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll explain about that below.

But before knowing how to apply for the service, it’d be better to know why you should apply for it.

  • UOB internet banking lets you to manage your bank accounts. Either changing your daily withdrawal limit or setting other things, now you don’t have to visit the branch. The settings are easily changeable within your reach.
  • Internet banking provides you various banking transactions. Transferring funds to someone, paying off the bills or loans it’s now easier done through the net. Moreover, it’s accessible 24/7. No need to deal with eerie night visit to the ATM or waiting for the working hours to clock back again.
  • All for free, because who doesn’t love freebies? With such free features, it is such a waste to throw this service out of your reach. So, it’d be better if you know how to apply UOB internet banking.

Now let’s get into the deal: how to apply UOB internet banking? There are three instant, commonly-used methods which can be done relatively quickly.

Apply UOB Internet Banking at Branch

This method sounds like an investment, because you will reap only easiness in dealing with various banking transactions after this visit.

Visiting the branch can also be considered as the easiest method to open your UOB internet banking.

Find out the nearest bank branch near your area, and ask the customer service officer to link your account to internet banking services.

You will then be given your internet banking username and password to access your account.

Apply UOB Internet Banking Using ATM

If you feel visiting a branch is still tricky to do, you should try this method.

  1. Insert your UOB ATM Debit/Credit Card.
  2. Insert your PIN.
  3. Select Cashcard/Other Trans/NETS FlashPay
  4. Select Other Transactions.
  5. Select Internet Banking/Phone Banking/UOB Mobile Banking
  6. Select Internet Banking/UOB Mobile
  7. Select Apply Now.

You will receive receive temporary Username and Password immediately.

Activate UOB Internet Banking

Upon receipt of the Username and Password mailers, you can activate your internet banking access in any one of the following ways:

  1. Go to ATM machine with your UOB ATM Card or Credit Card.
  2. Insert your UOB ATM Card or Credit Card.
  3. Insert your PIN.
  4. Select Cashcard/Other Trans/NETS FlashPay
  5. Secelt Other Transactions
  6. Select Internet/Phone Banking/UOB Mobile
  7. Select Internet Banking/UOB Mobile
  8. Choose UserName Activation
  9. Your username will be shown on the screen.
  10. Select Confirm to activate your access.
  11. Following the activation of your Username, you can login immediately to UOB Personal Internet Banking with your Username and Password.


Sign on the acknowledgement slip printed at the bottom of the username mailer and post it back to the Bank or hand it to any UOB Group Branch.

Apply UOB Internet Banking Online

Note: Customer mobile number must be registered with the bank and customer will be required to key in Credit/Debit/ATM Card number.

  1. Visit at
  2. Click on Register Now.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking
  3. Write the required information.
  4. Tick the Checkbox.
  5. Click Next to Proceed.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking Online
  6. Verify your mobile number and click Next to proceed.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking Online Payment
  7. Enter the 6-digits SMS-OTP and click Next to proceed.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking Online Payee
  8. Enter your Card Number and Card PIN and click Next to proceed.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking Online Pay
  9. Create your Username and Password.
  10. Click next to proceed.How to Apply UOB Internet Banking Pay Online
  11. Registration Successful.

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Actually, there is still this registration method that can be used to obtain your personal internet banking username and password which is via paper form that you need to mail.

In this case, you’ll need to activate the username and password first before using your internet banking account.

However, if you make your account using any of those aforementioned procedures of how to apply UOB internet banking, you will be able to use the username and password immediately.